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Footwear is both connected with problems in the foot and also provides assistance when maintaining long lasting results. Here are some of the common types of footwear:

High Heels:

As we all know, high heels make the wearer's calves and legs look more visually appealing - this is the goal. In terms of the body's position, high heels place the force or gravity at the front and put pressure on the very front of the foot. As a result, calf muscles pick up the force that is imbalanced, which in turn produces aching legs and feet that are extra tired.

High heels can be worn for restricted amounts of time if the feet are stable, strong and healthy to begin with.


While thongs feel like they are the comfy option, there are some problems associated with wearing them for a long time. For example, feet have to essentially grasp the thongs to remain in the thong, resulting in tired, aching muscles after wearing them for periods of time. The wearing of thongs for long periods of time will also exacerbate existing mechanical conditions of the foot and leg.

It is recommended that thongs only be used for short distances (e.g. to the beach). However, they are not ideal footwear to be wearing on long hikes.


Sneakers can be the perfect shoe if chosen correctly. If the sneaker is chosen appropriately for its purpose and is fitted well, a sneaker can provide the ideal footwear. This is because some modern sneakers, such as for sports, are made to a very high standard.


Unlike thongs, some sandals come with straps to hold the foot in place while walking. In this case, the problems that can arise with the wearing of thongs are not present.

Boots and Court Shoes:

These types of shoes are just slipped on. And, because of this, are very popular.However, because they don't have any straps or buckles to hold the shoe in place, your foot has to hold on. For this reason, it is exposed to greater exertion. In most cases, because these shoes do slip on, they have to be more snug aroundthe foot.

Once again, these can be worn for shorter periods of time if the foot is healthy and strong to begin with.

Clues: Look for Wear Patterns

When you look at an older pair of shoes, you can tell a lot about how your foot is aligned. If there are parts of the shoe that have been worn down excessively or atypically, then further examination is required. Contact us today to see one of our practitioners.

Good Footwear Suppliers:

Good Shoe Fitters:

A good shoe fitter can make the difference between healthy, strong feet and those that are suffering from foot and leg pain. Look for trained and experienced shoe fitters, such as you find at:


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