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How do you do the work?


At the Foot & Leg Centre we work gently with your body, ensuring that we use its natural restorative ability to produce results. Every time you receive Joint Mobilisation Therapy and Corrective Exercise, you will experience:

  • The joints becoming more mobile. Treatment breaks up the adhesion within the area that prevents joint mobility from operating at peak performance.
  • Posture becomes more stable by promoting the body's balancing system to function more effectively.
  • Muscles surrounding the joints becoming stronger. This is due to the revitalisation of the nerve messages from the brain to the musclesinvolved.
  • Pain messages are reduced. This is done by motivating the mechanoreceptors of the joint and preventing the Type IV nociceptor impulses.

Many clients feel the effects of our treatment 48 to 72 hours after treatment following just several minutes of therapy. Once a client receives more frequent treatment, the benefits are experienced for longer time periods.


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