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Our Journey – the Care Journey



The Care Journey at the Foot & Leg Centre is gentle and very hands-on. We work with the natural restoration properties of your body, supporting it in its own healing process. What is different about Foot Mobilisation Therapy (FMT) is that we treat the cause of your pain, as opposed to just the symptoms. For this reason, we often successfully treat clients who have undergone previous ineffective treatment with other providers.

In order to help improve your foot, leg and associated pain, our practitioners at the Foot & Leg Centre undertake a number of steps, which include:

Step 1: Your Problem

We take the time to understand your problem. Without doing this, we cannot tailor our treatment plan to your specific condition. Only when we identify the cause of your foot and leg pain can we then work out the most suitable treatment plan. We want to know what it is you've done and what pain you are feeling.

Step 2: The Therapy

This will involve following the treatment plan and includes both Joint Mobilisation Therapy and Corrective Exercise. Together these two treatments work to support your body's optimal natural restoration process. Every treatment session provides you with the benefits of:

>> Attaining mobility within the joint by ridding the joint area of adhesions and removing obstacles to immobility.

>> Increasing postural stability by motivating the effectiveness of the body's proprioceptive (balancing) system.

>> Increasing the strength of the muscles that surround the joint by promoting the nerve to muscle messages that promote strength.

>> Pain communication to the brain is lessened by stimulating the joint.

Joint Mobilisation Therapy is very efficient in terms of the time it takes to produce results. With treatment lasting a few minutes, benefits can be felt for 48 to 72 hours. Positive effects will be felt for longer once the treatment is repeated.

Step 3: Corrective Exercise

At the Foot & Leg Centre, Foot Mobilisation Therapy is performed in tandem with Corrective Exercise. These two treatment types work together, increasing your results. At the Centre, we also provide you with guidance in terms of the exercise you should do to keep up the results and ensure they are lasting. Corrective Exercise helps three main things - joint stabilisation, muscle strength and stretching.

Step 4: Your Body's Response

Once treatment is undertaken, our trained practitioners assess the impact and effects that the treatment has had upon your body and condition. The results from this will direct your treatment plan further. If an x-ray was taken before treatment begun, a post-treatment x-ray will also provide insight into your body's response to the therapy.

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