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No Orthotics

There are times in our treatment at The Foot & Leg Centre where orthotics is recommended. That is, despite Foot Mobilisation and Corrective Exercise treatment being orthotic free, the fact is that in some cases, orthotics are required.


So, why don't we employ orthotics, unless we have to? Because, although orthotics does work as a treatment for foot and leg pain, when the orthotic device is removed, the effects are not lasting. At the Foot& Leg Centre, we want results that are lasting to improve the quality of the client's life in the future.

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Before Treatment

leg length correctionAfter Treatment

After Treatment

Important : while the before and following treatment images above are due to foot mobilisation and corrective exercise treatment, they are not meant to represent outcomes for each client and for each condition. They are not a guarantee that every client will experience these same results, which is due to the different reasons for foot and leg pain and differences between the body's responses.

When a client is given orthotics treatment, the body is also given support. That is, both the joints and the surrounding muscles are held up by a device that is designed to improve the pain and / or condition. Essentially, orthotics takes away the normal functioning of the joints and muscles. While some medical experts say that this strengthens the muscles, others suggest it weakens the muscle and joints.

In many instances, the orthotic devices control level must be increased over time, suggesting that weakening has occurred. This is very similar to those who have reading glasses and end up having to obtain thicker glasses. While the glasses are not fixing the cause of the problem, the eyes do not have to work and become dependent upon the device.

With Foot Mobilisation Therapy undertaken at the Foot & Leg Centre, the strength and stability of the joints and muscles is increased with joint mobilisation and corrective exercise. We align the initial joint displacement that is causing the problem in the first place.

For those conditions where joint mobilisation and Corrective Exercise is not appropriate, orthotic therapy is provided. Examples of this occur when:

  • The joint is extremely mobile and stability is needed. Instead of Joint Mobilisation Therapy, stabilisation is required.
  • The bones are fused together and no amount of joint mobilisation will help.
  • The difference between the length of the client's legs is over 12 mm.
  • The client is not able to carry out the Corrective Care treatment plan that is required.

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