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Foot MobilisationTreatment is surgery free, drug free and orthotics free. However, there are certainly times where surgerycomes highly recommended. Typically,we see clients who need surgery when they are suffering from:


  • Morton's Neuroma. Nerve irritation of the foot or the forefootis entrapped.
  • Bunion. Enlargement of the big toe bone resulting in intense pain.

When there is misalignment in the body due to either its poor position or actual operation, both of the above conditions will excessively compensate. This is either the cause or the reason these foot conditions become much worse over time.

By the Foot & Leg Centre providing Corrective Care, we are able to tap into your body to naturally restore and repair itself, thereby producing less compensation and in many cases a reduction in the number of surgeries that are required.

As per our underlying philosophy at the Foot & Leg Centre, the surgery route is only recommended when we see no other way forward. When this is recommended, we provide referrals to experienced, skilled surgeons.

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